Sound Healing and Distance Reiki

First of many, I will be adding more clips as time goes on. In this section, I will be sharing more of my own singing, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Drumming and distance Reiki.

Tibetan Singing Bowl and Distance healing demo/experiment. Felt something? Please let me know in the Reviews. Go to Events for the most up to date info on events happening in the Fredericton Area.

Feedback so far:

" Wow quite an experience, straight to the heart chakra with 1st bowl play, in a piercing way, then your Voice! Expanded It Greatly much in the way you were holding your hands...then the bowls and your voice just broke through some past life residual damage to pelvis/ you cranked the Divine Mother energy with your voice again! Very fantastic 13 minutes! Thank you! P.S. Your voice is more powerful than the bowl! ;)" CC