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A Tibetan Singing Bowl Session* is 90 minutes in length. This is a Full Body Session with the addition of 30 minutes of Tibetan Singing Bowl chakra harmonizing, still lying on the massage table.

This type of session is designed to heal by providing sound healing complete with Reiki treatment. A Tibetan Singing Bowl is used to raise your vibrations to such a high state that stress/pain cannot hold. As we are working with High Vibrations, this amplifies and activate your Highest Awareness, while easing stress allow you to relax into the healing process.

* Please note that all sessions are done fully clothed and requires no physical contact.

This session will require a small space for 90 minutes, or 120 minutes if you get a reading combo. Readings in combo are typically 30 minutes.

If paying by credit card please email me at to indicate if you will need a space for the session or prefer an in home/office experience and your potential availability on weekends.

* Last Updated 3-3-18

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