As a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, my philosophy is to help you re-connect with your inner healer and really allow you to shine through by releasing stress and letting go of what is holding you back. As all healing is self-healing, are you ready to ignite your healing/whole-ling and reveal your True Self?

Reiki Blessings along your path of Wholing

I also offer my time as a Sacred Moon Circle Healing guide. This innovative energy practice combines Reiki energy work with spontaneous Sacred Dance & Sacred Sound to help Re-Awaken and Express your connection to your True Self. In essence, learning to flow with and as a prayer-in-motion through embodiment of our connection to Mother Earth and Father Sun. Drum, sing and ring yourself awake again <3

May the Light of Truth shine on your path

As a Intuitive & Empath, I offer services to I help people "get clear" about what is in there Hearts. By holding space for people to remember Who They Really Are, together, we can reveal what must be known Now to align themselves with the Flow of All-That-Is. The Great Unveiling comes from Within, you are the Apocalypse, do not fear the end of Illusion, your Freedom is on the other side.

Ever ready to guide you to your Inner- Knowing

Pascale "Starlily Phoenix Shapeshifter" Desrosier-Hickey

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