Moon-Day July 20th 2015


Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age
The mobile apps are fun and easy to use, however, I am feeling guided to try something more creative and tactile. I hope you will enjoy the more intimate experience as much as I enjoy taking pictures of my own Tarot & Oracle card collection.

Each week, as I feel guided, I will feature a deck from my own collection, along with
intuitive impressions from the cards at the time of drawing them as well as a focus for the day (mantras) and a theme for the week. This week's featured deck is the Osho Zen Tarot : The Transcendental Game of Zen created by Ma Deva Padma.

What is so special about this deck: "In the traditional tarot deck this journey of self-discovery was perceived as a kind of spiral, with each Completion leading to a new level on the path, a new beginning with the re-entry of The Fool. In this deck, however, the Master card has been added. This card allows us to leave the spiral behind, to take a jump off the wheel of death and rebirth." 

Why I love this deck: My aunt gave it to my mother who liked it but didn't really use it much. Mom being Mom, she eventually gave it to me as moving-out-on-my-own gift, as she noticed my love for it and the many other decks I had collected and cherished up to that point. 

                              A LOOK AT THE WEEK AHEAD FOR JULY 20-24 TH 2015

                             A LOOK AT THE WEEK AHEAD FOR JULY 20-24 TH 2015

A LOOK AT THE WEEK AHEAD FOR JULY 20-24 TH 2015: As we accept All That Is & grow into our I AM presence (EXISTENCE) , we have the opportunity to face old challenges /illusions (STRESS) with a renewed sense of balance. Rainbow Energy is Here to assist in fully unifying all aspects of our Being. (INTEGRATION) We are invited to connect deeply into who we are becoming  (THE MASTER) as we step out of the chaos into our Spiritual Maturity (MATURITY).


            TODAY'S MANTRA:  I AM

Intuitive Impressions: Opening to the Beauty of the present Moment. The In Breath. Being in Awe. Let Go of the Idea that striving and effort will lead to completion. In Truth, just BEING IS ENOUGH. You are Enough. Slow down, feel it. Feel your Truth. The UNIVERSE is You.  



Theme of the Week: Flow with change and stay aware of your power to choose.  Stay in the Heart and let the mind (POLITICS) take the back seat. This requires constant surrendering to the NOW moment and to WHAT IS without attempts to control. In the end,  we can better deal with and see though the masks... politics/fear are a part of this world, better to face it and heal it then to ignore it's Presence.

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Tap into your Universal Power! Reiki Blessings. Enjoy the many transformational energies available during these powerful times! Nothing is As it Was. Happy Grounding Into the New! See you tomorrow for the next edition of Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age.