Odin's Day July 15th 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age, featuring Lisa Iris's 'Crystal Winds Oracle Cards' mobile app by Indie Goes Software with Intuitive Impressions by www.reikireadingsrebirth.com.

A Look at the Week Ahead: July 13th-17th 2015: Brigid helps us light the Eternal Flame to ignite the Divine Embodiment of Ishtar's Creation, Destiny and Co-Creation merge as we learn to express All aspects of our lives as a reflection of Soul Path. , Like the Mystic Rose, your very Presence is a Gift. Whatever life brings know you have all you need to remain at peace as you learn to surf the most powerful tidal wave cosmic energies to buffet this Earth in 26 0000 years. What kind of changes? The only ones that matter, the expansion of your Soul Awareness & Embodiment as a Divine Being of Spirit & Matter. As we head into the week being grateful will show you the path to Divine Abundance, Timing and Grace. 

Intuitive Impressions: We are invited to Trust our Higher Knowing of our Soul & let it inform our intuitive impressions, merging the Higher Heart (Seat of Divine Love) & Third Eye (Seat of Inner Knowing) will allow us to see through to the Heart of the Matter.  Let All Merge As One, this is the path of Unity through Gratitude & Divine Grace.



From the Authhor/Mobile App:
MEANING: You should take time to thank those who have helped you. A thoughtful gesture is appropriate and will be welcomed. You may be acknowledged at an auspicious occasion. You are blessed by supportive circumstances and opportunities. 

INTERPRETATION: At the start of your journey, as a seeker, expressing appreciation and gratitude takes conscious effort. However, it is through the spiritual growth of expressing appreciation over time, that you develop the spiritual emotion of gratitude. When you feel and express gratitude, repeatedly over the course of the day, you begin to experience gratitude as a state of being. Gratitude generates a pleasant sensation within you. When you are grateful, you experience happiness, fulfilment, peace of mind and a flow of love: the literal "flow" of spiritual substance from you to another person or object. Giving and receiving are both expressions of appreciation. 

             ODIN'S-DAY JULY 15 TH 2015

            ODIN'S-DAY JULY 15 TH 2015

From the Authhor/Mobile App:
MEANING: There are signs in your environment that point to a specific direction. You have an innate skill for divination. The responsibility for creating your Destiny is yours alone. It can never be given to you by anyone else as it doesn't belong to them. It belongs only to you. 

INTERPRETATION: Destiny is what you are here on earth to achieve. It is the sacred, inner voice that guides you: your aspirations, you need to "go" somewhere and make your mark on the world. The runes, or any oracle, are a synchronistic dialogue between your state of mind and external reality. Answers can only be heard through self-knowledge: finding out what you really want and going after it with complete commitment. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Learn to listen to your own inner voice - the secret, inner Spiritual voice - that is trying to show you the way to personal success in life and happiness in your heart. 

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Tap into your Universal Power! Reiki Blessings. Enjoy the many wonderful energies available during these powerful times! Nothing is As it Was. Happy Grounding Into the New! See you tomorrow for the next edition of Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age.