Wodin's day June 24th 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age, featuring the "Crystal Oracle" App by Bless Creations with Intuitive Impressions by www.reikireadingsrebirth.com.

Intuitive Impressions: I have been a fan of Shungite one for years now. I use to purify and structure my drinking water  into a healing exlir, have have been wearing it in bracelet and pendant form as well, I also use a large pyramid to act a buffer against all the EMF's produced in my basement apartment with 3 computers. This stone brings about complete and total transformation  & renewal through allowing a DNA reset to it's highest form. Thus allowing access of our complete 12-strand DNA and all the memories that come with it, to help usher in a New age. Return to the DIVINE BLUEPRINT of your SACRED SELF.  Allow yourself the space to Remember your essential Nature and Spirit. Shungite is a powerful stone that is known as the Mother of All Life, let it guide to how best to purify your life. 


Want to explore your healing path in a more holistic way? A great way to engage in stress management is a relaxing personal  Reiki SessionCrystal Session or  Tibetan Sound Healing Session.  Looking for a little help reconnecting to your own Inner Guidance? Personal Intuitive Guidance sessions (aka readings) can be a great way to get to the Heart of the Matter. While the Celtic Moon Sign Astrology Report provides in-depth exploration of the challenges and opportunities working on accepting the Shadow Self (what                                                                              we don't consciously know or "like" about                                                                                ourselves) can bring.

I also love to pass on the gift of Reiki through 1st Degree Reiki Training and 2nd Degree Reiki Training. Also see Upcoming Events for classes, lessons, shares and toonie nights. There is No Time like the Present to put yourself back in the driver's seat of YOUR life. 

Tap into your Universal Power! Reiki Blessings and have a Fabulous Week! Enjoy the many wonderful energies available at this powerful time! Happy Breakthroughs! See you tomorrow for the next edition of Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age featuring "Crystal Oracle" App by Bless Creations. ;)