Moon-day June 22nd 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age, featuring the "Crystal Oracle" App by Bless Creations with Intuitive Impressions by

Intuitive Impressions: The merging of  Fire & Water continues, Cosmic Mother Energy Transmissions coming in as the SUN's Kisses the Earth. The Trinity becomes One. Aquamarine Ray of the Divine Mother/Shekinah/Asherah ( A SHE RA, a FEMALE conterpart of RA) aka Yahweh's long forgotten wife! Many are Dissolving the Illusion of Separation: Unity Conciousness is Here Now for all who Choose to Embrace it. Since June 19th we have had THREE CME's  that have merged into ONE, coalescing to create a G3 Geomagnetic storm over much of the planet. These will produce the physical Northern Lights and trigger the Winds of Change in the spiritual realms. As the CME's merge so do we merge the body/Heart (Divine Feminine), mind (Divine Masculin) and Spirit /Soul/ Source Unmanifest as ONE. Embrace Change, Release Suffering, Step into your Divine Self only you can Choose to Free Yourself.


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Tap into your Universal Power! Reiki Blessings and have a Fabulous Week! Enjoy the many wonderful energies available at this powerful time! Happy Breakthroughs! See you tomorrow for the next edition of Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age featuring "Crystal Oracle" App by Bless Creations. ;)