Thor's day June 18th 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age, featuring Lisa Iris's 'Crystal Winds Oracle Cards' mobile app by Indie Goes Software with Intuitive Impressions by

Intuitive impressions: Meditation is highlighted this week from the New Moon in Gemini until the SOULstice: Make an effort to really keep all things in balance and act to create balance wherever it' is needed in your Life. Respect the Holy Trinity of the Mind, Body and Spirit and see your life unfold with Grace and Ease.

A look at the week ahead: Rebirthing (Phoenix*) with Compassion (Bodhisattva*) through careful Reflection* and Balancing (The Scales*) of all life's aspects allow the opportunity for healing/wholing (Medecin Women) by the Law of One your personal healing affects healing in the collective as well. The Shift is Here.

FROM THE AUTHOR: MEANING: You need to find the balance in your life. Use clear thinking and diplomacy in situations. You need to weigh the possible outcomes before making a situation that could tip the scales one way or the other. It may mean your spirit is in need of being brought into balance. Meditation will help you achieve the balance you require. 

INTERPRETATION: The goal here is to bring into balance the spiritual and material. Learning to balance is equalizing family and job, meals , time off, sleep and spiritual interests. Keep in mind that, it is not which is the most important, as each one of these items is very important. Sometimes survival depends on finding the balance in your life. Balance may seem elusive, but when you set aside your preconceptions and expectations, you will see that it all makes sense. It becomes much easier when you develop a daily schedule to ensure balance. Work belongs at work. Family belongs with family. Your spiritual life must also be included in your schedule of balance. By including the spiritual aspects of your inner light, and nurturing those aspects, you align your inner world and outer worlds, bringing yourself into balance. 

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Reiki Blessings and have a Fabulous Week of Self-Discovery. Happy Breakthroughs!
See you tomorrow for the final card of this weeks Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age ;)