Weekend Edition: June 13 th and 14 th 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age, featuring Lisa Iris's 'Crystal Winds Oracle Cards' mobile app by Indie Goes Software with Intuitive Impressions by www.reikireadingsrebirth.com.

Intuitive Impressions: Gratefulness grow Joy. In Joy, we can increase our ability to break through our fear/ego based belief to allow True Divine grace to open our Heart to the Love that already IS ALL and Always around us. Release your fears into the Scared Rose and watch them dissolve into Love. Allow yourself to count your blessings and watch them guide you out of the Shadows of the Mind and into the Garden of the Heart.

 Saturn's Day June 13th 2015

Saturn's Day June 13th 2015

From the Author: 
MEANING: You should take time to thank those who have helped you. A thoughtful gesture is appropriate and will be welcomed. You may be acknowledged at an auspicious occasion. You are blessed by supportive circumstances and opportunities. 

INTERPRETATION: At the start of your journey, as a seeker, expressing appreciation and gratitude takes conscious effort. However, it is through the spiritual growth of expressing appreciation over time, that you develop the spiritual emotion of gratitude. When you feel and express gratitude, repeatedly over the course of the day, you begin to experience gratitude as a state of being. Gratitude generates a pleasant sensation within you. When you are grateful, you experience happiness, fulfillment, peace of mind and a flow of love: the literal "flow" of spiritual substance from you to another person or object. Giving and receiving are both expressions of appreciation. 

 Sun Day June 14th 2015

Sun Day June 14th 2015

From the Author:
MEANING: It is time to face your shadow self, lower nature and fears. Respect the vestiges of the evolutionary self and harmonize this with your spiritual nature. You are able to unravel the golden thread, leading you through difficult memories and emotions and return to the surface. You will master the Labyrinth of your divinity! 

INTERPRETATION: This beast that is human with the head of a bull represents man dominated by instincts. The Minotaur symbolizes the animal mind governing a human body. A mind which allows instinctive passions to eclipse reason and discernment. It is said that to master the instinctual, one must go through the labyrinth of the soul. Some would call this place the Underworld. In order for you to succeed, it is necessary to return to the true origins of the soul, which does not belong to the physical world, and connect with divinity. Otherwise, you could end up lost, wandering meaninglessly throughout the labyrinth's maze

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Reiki Blessings and have a Fabulous Week of Self-Discovery. Happy Breakthroughs!
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