Weekend Edition; Saturn's day to Moon-day May 9-11th 2015

Feeling all these changes bit too intensely? You don't have to suffer through feelings of overwhelm without support. A great way to engage in self-care is a relaxing personal Reiki SessionCrystal Session or Tibetan Sound Healing Session.

Looking for a little help reconnecting
 to your own Inner Guidance? Personal Intuitive Guidance sessions (aka readings) can be a great way to get to the Heart of the Matter. While the Celtic Moon Sign Astrology Report provides in-depth exploration of the challenges and opportunities working on accepting the Shadow Self (what we don't  consciously know or "like" about ourselves) can bring

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Tap into your Universal Power! 
Reiki Blessings and have a wonderfully Flowery Weekend, back to daily posts on Moonday for Tuesday <3

See below for Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age ;)

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age: Weekend Edition May 10-12th, 2015, featuring the 'Floramations Oracle Cards' mobile app by Karen Nash & Indie Goes Software, with additional intuitive energy update brought to you by www.reikireadingsrebirth.com

Energy Update: I put my bare feet in the grass for the first time since last fall Wednesday, I sat by my favourite Elm Tree and even as I was coming home to write that  afternoon's post I took notice of these May Flowers in bloom (pictured below) and they inspired this weeks' flower-themed posts.

Intuitive Impressions; Feeling the Pressure to  Grow and Expand into the New, or Walk Away from what does not move you forward, Devotion to Self-Love, Still feeling fired up? Follow your feelings. They will help you find your personal power. How you chose to use it and what you create is up to you. Remember to Focus on what you Want, let go of what you want to avoid. Ground your Feelings into Gaia as She can always transmute any energy into Love. Honor your Process.

 Saturn's Day May 9&nbsp;th 2015

Saturn's Day May 9 th 2015

11. DEVOTION: By taking care of your physical body, eating well, exercising, and resting when you need to, you recharge your batteries to be able to sustain a balanced life. Keep up this balance to be able to give your best in everything you do, and keep everything in your life working well. 

 Sunday May 10 2015

Sunday May 10 2015

8. CELEBRATE: Being alive and well, is cause enough to celebrate, so anything else is a bonus. Happy times are heading your way, so celebrate with those that you love. Enjoy the good times ahead.

 Moon-day May 11 th 2015

Moon-day May 11 th 2015

1. BASE CHAKRA: If you feel like your head is spinning and you are not present in your own body, then you need grounding. Walk around barefoot on the earth, or stamp your feet on the ground, to bring yourself back! Call all of your energies back into your body, as you do, ask that spirit cleanse, clear and polarize them, to feel whole once more.