Thor's day May 14 th 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age: Thor's day May 14 th 2015

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Intuitive Impressions: Remember your Divine Source , Remember you ARE that Source, Remember that in Truth you never left/separated from Source, Source simply sought to know Itself and so had to create the ILLUSION of separation to achieve this Knowing of Source Self. Trust Your Self, your Life and your Source.

MEANING: You are God, and God is all that is. God is your family. God is your friends. God is your enemies. God is your pets. God is the animals of the world. God is the plants growing in your garden. God is the food you eat. God is the clothes you wear. God is the country you live in. God is the countries you are at war with. God is the mountains, the hills, the valleys, the deserts, the oceans. God is the sun, the moon, the stars. God is all that is. If you acknowledge the truth of that you must indeed have reverence for all life - yours and those of other human beings. And all other animal beings. All plant beings. And your Mother Earth and the planets, stars, galaxies surrounding your beloved Mother. Even so-called "inanimate" objects have their roots and their sacred beginnings in God. Nothing is evil. All is good. While we understand that perceived need to label things "evil" and "good," we also say it has led to many problems among humans. This narrow view of God has led to the forming of religions, creeds, cults. Most of it divides you. It does not unite you as humans and as fellow residents with the natural world of your planet. That's not who God is. Remember, God is all that is. Always be aware of the divinity within you

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Tap into your Universal Power! 
Reiki Blessings and have a terrific Thor's day.

See you tomorrow for the next Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age ;)