W'Odin's Day May 13 th 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age: Wodin's day May 13 th 2015

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Intuitive Impressions; Follow your JOY! Celebrate your accomplishments, Celebrate your quiet times, both are needed to IN-joy either ;) Be grateful and watch your blessings multiply.

 W'Odin's Day May 13 th 2015

W'Odin's Day May 13 th 2015

MEANING: You are here to experience joy. That is your life's purpose, pure and simple. Joy is your birthright. Joy is natural. Joy is your connection to the divine energy you may call God. Joy is your bond with your soul. After all, you are God in human form. You are a playful God. Your soul knows that. Have fun. Play more. Love more. Life is not serious. It's supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be joyful. It's that simple. Don't make it complicated or difficult. If there's one thing God loves most about humans, it's their ability to laugh, to be joyful, to have fun. None of this stuff you call life is that serious. You did not come to this lifetime to suffer through a sad life and endure a sad death. You came here to have fun! You came here to be joyful. You came here to love and laugh and play. You came here to grow, and to grow through joy. Anything less than that is not what God wants for you. Anything less than that is not what your soul wants for you. So enjoy yourself and your life. 

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Tap into your Universal Power! 
Reiki Blessings and have a Wonderful Wodins day.

See you tomorrow for the next Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age ;)