Thor's Day April 9th 2015

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Intuitive Impressions: Rise to your Highest potential and See your world transform as you gain a Higher Perspective. Trust yourself and walk into the unknown. You got this! You were , in fact, born for this ;)

"As I courageously reach for the highest and best in myself, I also bring it forth in others."
As a human being, you are geared toward both growth and comfort. These two natural tendencies are often at odds with each other, especially when you are asked to grow in a new direction. Even if the new direction is welcome, sometimes the comfort of the familiar can seem easier to deal with than the exhilarating growth into the unknown. This card is calling you to step boldly into the unknown and reach forward with courage for the life of your dreams. You are encouraged to weather any temporary discomfort in service to your continued joy, growth, and spiritual evolution.
Remember, as you courageously reach for the best in yourself, your example naturally uplifts and inspires others as well."

Themes in play so far this week:  Yesterday was Time for Take OFF!  Ride the winds while they last, and become the Eye of the Storm ;) Good to day to have an emotional parachute to trap all that hot air ;) Detach yourself from emotions to rise above the storm or be caught in the emotional debris. Tyr's day opened us up with Pan, the Wild Hunt, Spring Fever, Release, Celebration, Graduation, Self Discovery,Go-for -it attitude. Full Steam Ahead so take time to InJoy the Ride. While Easter Moon-day was our gentle introduction to Massive Light Upgrades with New Ways of Being, Freedom, Equality, Respect and Higher Love, trusting that Live and Let Live as All Paths chosen with a good Heart eventually Lead to Truth.

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Reiki Blessings and have a Powerful Thor's day