Moon-day April 27th 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age: Moon-day April 27th 2015

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Intuitive Impression: FREEDOM, BREAKING your Heart Open, Pressure Released, Choose your Reality, the Light and the Dark MUST balance each other for us to recognise Joy, release attachement to feeling 'good' and avoiding feeling 'bad", realise in Truth all is NEUTRAL, Truth is paramount to Divine Order. Embrace the Path of Compassion. Freedom and Compassion go Hand in Hand.



MEANING: You have heard voices telling you your "lot in life" is "God's will." Well, that's true. The only problem is those voices do not realize they are God! They are the God who has willed their own struggles, their lot in life. We're not saying they did it deliberately, but they did it nonetheless. Simply being aware of, and accepting, that reality is very freeing. After all, the truth shall set you free. However, pain and suffering are not necessarily bad things to experience if they serve to remind you it doesn't have to be that way. You are free to choose pain and misery or joy and peace. Your free will is divine will in action on the earth plane. Life is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to feel good. The only purpose of pain and suffering is to remember you don't have to suffer or be in pain. Life is good. Seek and find the joy in all your experiences, whether you see them as painful or not. The good and the joy are always there. But you have to look for them. You can grow through joy or through pain and suffering. Either way works. It's your choice. Your soul will not walk into your pain with you. But it will walk into your joy with you. In the end, the purpose of pain and suffering is to remind you your lives can be free of pain and suffering. So transform your pain into power. 


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Tap into your Universal Power! 
Reiki Blessings and Happy Moon's day