Sunday April 19th 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age for Sunday April 19th 2015:

Featuring the 'Crystal Winds Oracle Cards' by Lisa Iris with Intuitive Impressions by and mobile app by Indie Goes Software (download it here or try a free online demo).

Intuitive Impressions: New Moon in Aries Energies are Rising, Purification, Cleansing, Spring Cleaning, Life Habits Shifting, Living from our Hearts and Self-Mastery of the Mind through Radical Acts of Self-Love/Care is key to us achieving our Heart felt desires for more Peace in our Lives. Get Fired Up, Ready, Set, FLOW, Set your Heart Alight this week for the Bright, Loving and Compassionate Future you Deserve. What we Give is what we Get. As Within So Without, As Above So Below. Be the Change you Wish to See in the world. <3  

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BODHISATTVA: You are on your way to becoming a Bodhisattva! You cherish the potential in others. You have the courage to care and to help others on their path to happiness. Temper altruism with common sense so you are not taken advantage of. Someone may intercede on your behalf. When dealing with others, develop your natural, empathetic abilities.


A great way to engage in self-care is taking in a relaxing personal Reiki Session, Crystal Session or Tibetan Sound Healing Session. Looking for a little help reconnecting to your own Inner Guidance? Personal Intuitive Guidance sessions (aka readings) can be a great way to get to the Heart of the Matter. I also love to pass on the gift of self -healing through 1st Degree Reiki Trainning and 2nd Degree Reiki TrainningCeltic Moon Sign Astrology Reports provides indepth exploration of the challenges and oppertunities working on accepting the Shadow Self (what we dont "like" about ourselves) can bring. Also see Upcoming Events for classes and lessons. There is No Time like the Present to put yourself back in the driver's seat of YOUR life.

Reiki Blessings and Happy Sunday!