Moon-day- W'Odin's day April 20th-22nd 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age: Moon-day, Tyr's day and Wo'din's day April 20-22 2015

Featuring the 'Crystal Winds Oracle Cards' by Lisa Iris with Intuitive Impressions by and mobile app by Indie Goes Software (download it here or try a free online demo).

Intuitive Impressions For April 20th 2015: Rising in Self Mastery, Leadership and Grounded Action 


Intuitive Impressions For April 21 st 2015: Mastering Your Own Destiny, Mastery Time,Mastering Ourselves, All are portal to Everlasting Joy, Self Empowerment Free Us All. Follow your Intuition.

Destiny April 21st.JPG

DESTINY: There are signs in your environment that point to a specific direction. You have an innate skill for divination. The responsibility for creating your Destiny is yours alone. It can never be given to you by anyone else as it doesn't belong to them. It belongs only to you.


Intuitive Impressions for WOdin's day April 22 nd 2015: As Above, So Below, Release into the Mystic Rose, Rest, Relax and Look Forward.

Mystic Rose.JPG

MYSTIC ROSE: You have the gift of love without expectations. A past misunderstanding is forgotten. You forgive or are forgiven. This is also a card of maternal devotion. A relationship is the means to a greater love. You perceive the mundane as symbolic of the sacred. The answer you seek is in your heart.

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Reiki Blessings and Happy Grounding as the Sun moves into  Taurus!