The Phoenix Rising: Thor's day April 16 through to Saturn's day April 18, 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age: For Thor's to Saturn's day April 16-18th 2015, featuring the 'Vibration Energy Oracle Cards' mobile app by Debbie A. Anderson and Indie Goes Software, with additional intuitive energy forecast brought to you by

Intuitive Impressions for April 16 th 2015: Giving our best. Allowing ourselves to receive in Kind. I Give it my All, because what I Give is what I Get. 

BLESSINGS: The beauty of receiving and giving blessings is Heaven sent. The light essence vibration of unconditional love and healing to the mind and body on a cellular level is liberating and energizing. Languish in the universal forces of all that has happened in the past is history. Be ready and open to receive as well as giving blessings from all around you.

Intuitive Impressions for Freya's Day April 17th, 2015: I Am Open to Receive in Cosmic Balance. I Reap what I Sow, the Harvest is Here. 

Abundant Blessings April 17th.JPG

ABUNDANT BLESSINGS: You have paid it forward enough. Now is the time when all you have sowed and planted will be reaped. The vibrational blessings of abundance are coming towards you, so be ready and open to receive them. Abundant blessings will come forth in many plentiful guises, in an overflowing fullness that will remind you of the completeness you once felt.

Intuitive Impressions for Saturn's day April 18 th 2015: Cosmic Cycles, Levelling up. What was Hidden is Now made Clear. Hindsight can bring Forsight, but Insight is Sacred and Always Perfect. Cosmic Balance, Spiral Dance, As within So without, As Above , So Below.

Cosmic Prosperity.JPG

COSMIC PROSPERITY: Accept and believe in what is being given to you at this time. Take this cosmic energy and do something great with it. The more you give, the more you receive - but you already know that. With this prosperity comes divine responsibility. Be prepared to receive and accept. Always be in the place of the higher good of mankind.

Themes in play so far this week:  Sun-day was a day of GREAT RELEASING of All that No longer Serves on a COSMIC level, as we learned to Let Go of pain with the grace of the Mystic Rose and Trust our hearts to guide us to Peace and Unconditional Love. Releases and Expansions go together so it is not surprising that today has brought an equal amount of Expansion into Self Empowerment. With Zeus bringing Soul Expansion with Jupiter in Full Strength, inviting us Let Ourselves Shine as We are All Needed at this Time. Tyr's day brings us Cosmic Prosperity with Breakthroughs, Wake up calls, & Action on things long put On-Hold, As we learn to trust Divine Timing, with Detached Observation, allowing us to Witness the Power of Now. W'Odin's Day Invited us to Open our Throat Chakra Speak with Compassion and See many of your perceived difficulties vanish.

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Reiki Blessings & Happy Freya's day.