April 11-13 th 2015: the Weekend Edition

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age for the April 11-13 th 2015: the Weekend Edition
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Intuitive Impressions for Saturn's Day April 11th 2015: Growing with Trust and Faith  that we are fully responsible of our ability to Allow Abundance in all forms .

ABUNDANCE You are about to explore just exactly what prosperity and abundance mean to you. They take so many forms. Take a few moments and jot down keywords describing what abundance and prosperity mean to you. When you have your list, take a moment and "tune in" to each concept and feel with your heart. This card could also mean you will experience material gain: a windfall, a raise, a gift, an inheritance. See images below for more ...

Intuitive Impressions for Sun-Day April 12 th 2015: Release all pain into the Sacred Rose and Trust your heart to guide you to Peace and Unconditional Love.

Intuitive Impressions for Moon-Day April 13th 2015:  Soul Expansion with Jupiter in Full Strength, let yourself Shine as you are Needed at this Time.

Themes in play so far this week: Freya's day invited us to Follow our Hearts, accept all the ways abundance can flow to you, say Yes to every moment. Enjoy the Gifts as you gift your Joy to the World. Shine On. Thor's day gave rise to your Highest potential to See your world transformed as you gained Higher Perspective. Remember: Trust yourself and walk into the unknown. You got this! You were , in fact, born for this ;) Wodin's day was Time for Take OFF!  As we rode the winds while they lasted, and became the Eye of the Storm ;) Good day to have an emotional parachute to trap all that hot air ;) We either detached ourselves from emotions to rise above the storm or risk being caught in the emotional crossfire. Tyr's day opened us up with Pan, the Wild Hunt, Spring Fever, Release, Celebration, Graduation, Self-Discovery,Go-for -it attitude. Full Steam Ahead so take time to InJoy the Ride. While Easter Moon-day was our gentle introduction to Massive Light Upgrades with New Ways of Being, Freedom, Equality, Respect and Higher Love, trusting that Live and Let Live as All Paths chosen with a good Heart eventually Lead to Truth.

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Reiki Blessings & Happy Weekend.