Thor's day April 2nd 2015

 Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age

Featuring the 'Crystal Winds Oracle Cards' by Lisa Iris with Intuitive Impressions by and mobile app by Indie Goes Software (download it here or try a free online demo).

Intuitive Impressions: Full Moon Eclipse Energies are Rising, Purification, Cleansing, Spring Cleaning, Life Habits Shifting, Living from our Hearts and Self-Mastery of the Mind through Radical Acts of Self-Love/Care is key to us achieving our Heart felt desires for more Peace in our Lives. All a powerful lead up to the 4/4/2015 Blood Moon Eclipse weekend. Set your Goals High this weekend for the Bright, Loving and Compassionate Future. What we Give is what we Get. As Within So Without, As Above So Below. Be the Change you Wish to See in the world. <3  


Themes already in play this week:  Today we had the chance to learn to Soar over our burdens as Eagles fly high above the earth. First Waves of Starseeds are Coming into their Own and many are Releasing the need to define why the feel the need to be as they are Be-ing without the need to DO more. Massive adjustments as New Self-Respecting Boundaries are negotiated in well established relationships dynamics. Tyr's day invited us to Follow our Feelings & Let the Truth Set us Free, we are Stronger then we will ever believe so let us TRUST our Highest vision of Self. Moon's day welcomed the gentle return of Love with Dove in contracts with  Freya s day's Rebirth by Phoenix's purification. Saturn's day and Sun's day invited us to Surrender to Peace and Love and see your YoUniverse transformed. Be Mindful, Set your Intentions in alignment with the Highest Good of all involved, the path of Love rejects no one, judgement dissolves into Universal compassion when we See the others pain. Trust your Highest Needs are Always being Met even if your ego would beg to differ.

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Reiki Blessings and have a Powerful Thor's day ;).