Freya's Day October 16TH 2015

Daily Intuitive Guidance for the Now Age

Each week, as I feel guided, I will feature a deck from my own collection, along with intuitive impressions from the cards at the time of drawing them, a suggested intention for the day and a theme for the week. This week features Un Message pour Toi par Leila (in french) which translates to "A message, just for you! by Leila".

What is so special about this deck:  These 52 heart-centered messages are powerful tools for self-empowerment. This deck was composed by a Algonquin aboriginal women living in the province of Quebec, in Canada, here on Turtle Island aka North America. This is the only deck I have that is self-published by the author and text only. As not everyone can read in french, I offer this deck with an English interpretation whenever requested.  

What I Love about this deck: It was given to me by my aunt Carmelle as a tool to help me
realize the power of words. At the time, I had already worked with images and archetypes, thus I was immersing myself in soul-based writing and dream recall. Little did I know, the journey within would open doors to Dream Walking. One can only dig deeper when one feels safe and empowered. These cards can light the path home.


You walk, one step at a time,
the Steps of the Palace.
Your past experience,
has brought you this surety.
With authority
you can judge without getting involved.
You can use your sword
to neutralize negativity
without getting hurt.
Be prudent, there are places,
that are not conducive to being frequented.  
Listen to your heart, which is speaking with fervor,
obey it's every clamor.
From your deepest inner self,
listen and appreciate, master as well, 
the person of value that your are.
Accept your part,
it is your Birthright.
From this day forward, let justice be done...

It is within you,
a secret oasis of peace.
It is  a place of regeneration,
"The Fountain of Youth"
This distinct place knows your essence
It hold all the knowledge,
the archives of the past.
You can return to it, drink of it's Source,
energize yourself, and calm yourself as well.
is a void and yet full
at the same time.
It's love shared,
it vibrates intensity.
This sacred universe, you are here to embody it,
you feel yourself connected to it's  immensity.
You want to share the opportunities that come
from having discovered your essence,
your Divinity.

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