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A Chair Session* is 30 minutes in length. The first and last 5 minutes are typically for filling out required forms and answering any questions you may have. The seated portion of this session is usually 20 minutes.

This type of session is designed to heal by re balancing the 7 major energy centers of the physical body, commonly known as the "7-chakras". 

* Please note that all sessions are done fully clothed and requires no physical contact.

Only available for in home/office sessions (no 30 min space rentals available). If you need your session to be off-site or simply have no room for a Reiki table consider upgrading to the Full Body Session or combing your Chair session with a Reading combo.

If getting a Combo & paying by credit card please email me at to indicate if you will need a space for the session or prefer an in home/office experience and your potential availability on weekends.

* Last Updated 3-3-18

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