Reiki-2nd Degree Private Class


Reiki-2nd Degree Private Class

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Second Degree Reiki Training is intended students who have already completed their first degree (or level 1) in Reiki. Reiki Students who have not taken their First degree class with me are more then welcome to join provided they can produce a certificate or the email address of the teacher so I can verify the information prior to the course. Second degree focuses on deepening our connection to Reiki through the use of three Reiki Symbols. It is at this stage that Distance Healing is taught and timeline, past-life, addiction & post-trauma healing are discussed.

At this stage students should have at least 6 months of foundational work in first degree before considering giving Reiki to others on a regular basis or at a professional level. Going too quickly with this process can lead students into their own healing crisis, if this occurs seek guidance and support from your teacher and/or other practitioners. Daily practice is continued at an increased level emphasising first caring for yourself before helping others.

Class Outline:
- Class will be a minimum of 8 hours long.
- Homework such as reading and further practice. 
- Second Degree Reiki Attunement
- Traditional Reiki 2nd Degree symbols in theory and practice. 
- Explanation on how to integrate the 2nd Degree symbols into a Reiki session 
- Demonstrate mental/emotional healing using the appropriate symbol and how to assist a client in releasing unwanted habits. 
- Various methods of distant healing in theory and practice
- Reiki Level II manual  
- Reiki Level II certificate (upon completion of all assigned homework)

Reiki-for-life offer: This is my pledge to support you on an on-going basis. You pay for the course only once & are welcome to join any class I teach in the same degree level for Free (space permitting). This special offer honours my Reiki Master Murielle Desrosier's tradition and is only offered to students who train with either of us.

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