New Website Launch


It's a great day for Reiki Readings Rebirth. Today we are launching our new website Currently it is limited to just a small amount of information, such as my contact information, a little bit about me and my philosophy and location info for the space I use when you don't have one. Soon we will be launching a great deal more informational tools, as well as a web store where you will be able to pay for and book your sessions online. There will be complete descriptions available on my new site, for all the services I offer. There will be options coming soon that will allow you to book your group for some of the classes and workshops. This will allow groups to receive these classes/workshops privately as a group.

It is my hope that you will find the information I provide useful to your personal growth. As well, I hope my online booking feature (coming soon) will make your booking experience more convenient and easy.

Special thanks to Shaun Foulkes for making this website a reality. Without his design abilities this could not have happened.

Reiki Blessings