Now-Centered Readings to get you Empowered to chose your Next Step.

I believe that, in this "School" called Earth, there are endless lessons. Those that learn those lessons the fastest make many so-called mistakes along their way to their Truth. Thus in Truth, there is no such thing as "right " or "wrong" choices as long as lessons are learned. Their are always many paths to chose from... together we can shed Light on with one feels right for you right Now <3 <3 <3

I offer my services in Intuitive Readings using any of the 13 plus Tarot/Oracle decks available in my collection, as well as, runes, the Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit, and any of the 15 different divination practices outlined in the book "The Art of Divination: practices from around the world" by Didier Blau. 

As Intuitive Reader & Guide, I offer services to I help people "get clear" about what is in their Hearts. By helping people remember Who They Really Are, together we can reveal what must be known Now to align with the Flow of All-That-Is.

Ever ready to guide you to your Inner- Knowing, may the Light of Truth shine on your path,
Reiki Blessings along your path,

Pascale "Starlily Phoenix" Desrosier-Hickey

Readings are can range in length between 30 and 90 minutes long however they are typically 45-60 minutes long.  For reading that take longer than 90 minutes, a charge of $25** will be added on-site. One reading session will have a maximum time of 2 hours. **Cash, e-transfers and online credit card payments will be accepted for this extra time.**

Book And Pay By Credit Card or PayPal

If paying by credit card  or if you wish to book a reading party (3-6 people), please contact by email at to indicate if you will need a space for the session or prefer an in home/office experience and your potential availability on weekends. 
* Last Updated 3-3-18

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