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About my Journey with Reiki 

I first came to Reiki as a personal practice for self-healing/wholing. I was attuned to First degree Reiki at age 13, (along with my mother), by my Aunt & Teacher Reiki Master Murielle Desrosiers. Over the next 13 years I practiced mostly on myself while repeating my first degree attunements at least 5 times. I also continued with my second degree initiation at age 16. 

In time, I came to realize the impact this practice had in my own journey and wanted to share this gift with others. Thus in April  2012, I chose to re-dedicate my life to this spiritual practice. By October 2012 I was accepted as a Registered Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association. I completed my Reiki Master training (aka Master-Teacher level) on March 1st, 2014, allowing me to teach and attune others to Reiki. I have since upgraded my membership with Canadian Reiki Association (C.R.A.) to Registered Teacher following the completion of the required 1-year waiting-period. This came into effect as of July 25th 2015, so from now on any student having taken a Reiki training class with me in the last 6 months are encouraged fill out the C.R.A.'s Teacher Evaluation Forms.

For first degree (aka Level 1) go to: http://reiki.ca/onlineforms/teacher_eval1.htm  
For second degree (aka Level 2) go to: http://reiki.ca/onlineforms/teacher_eval2.htm

In Truth, all healing is self-healing, and this is where Reiki comes in, Being in contact with and part of the Universal Life-force Energy also known as Ki/Chi/Prana/ can help us remember and reconnect consciously to our own Inner Life-force.

Be the Light and Embrace the Shadow with Love.

Remember Who You Really Are.

I AM that I AM

Reiki Blessings

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