First Degree Reiki Training is intended primarily for self-care but can be shared with family and friends as guided. That being said, a commitment to and strong foundation of self-care is a critical component of learning to help others heal themselves. Daily practice, Self-inquiry, Self-empowerment and Self-guidance are emphasized at this level.

Course outline:
- Classes will be a minimum of 8 hours long.
- Assigned homework such as reading and further practice. 
- Review the history of Reiki. 
- Discussion of the 5 Reiki Principles/Precepts and how important it is for you integrate these into your life on a daily basis. 
- Receive all the required level one attunements
- Shown how to do a Reiki self-session and have practice the full self-healing session in class. 
- Shown the standard hand positions for doing a one-on-one Reiki session using a Reiki table. Each student will give a full one hour Reiki session to another person/student during the class. 
- Shown how to do a Reiki chair session. Practice of a Reiki chair session
- Reiki First Degree manual
- Reiki First Degree certificate (upon completion of ALL required homework)

Reiki-for-life offer: This is my pledge to support you on an on-going basis. You pay for the course only once & are welcome to join any class I teach in the same degree level for Free (space permitting). This special offer honours my Reiki Master Murielle Desrosier's tradition and is only offered to students who train with either of us.

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